Maria and Francisco's wedding at Casa Grande do Fontão was a very happy and authentic day. Having a wedding with style, tailored to our liking, is not always easy or entirely up to us. Therefore, it's essential to know well what we don't want, perhaps even more than what we do want. And undoubtedly, at Maryzinha and Kicko's wedding, we felt that it was indeed a celebration and a party in their own image.

The details were important. Some were created by friendly hands; others were choices made long ago. But more than the accessories and decorative elements that are crucial to creating the wedding's identity, what captivated us was capturing the smiles and good spirits of everyone. It was truly an incredible party! Being a spectator in such a way is easy and a great privilege.


Casa Grande do Fontão, in Ponte de Lima, was the chosen venue, and Histórias com Alma managed to incorporate the beauty and personality of the bride and groom into various details. The outdoor religious ceremony was one of the standout moments of the day, marked by a sense of humor, albeit with a strong message from Father Ricardo Esteves. One of the reasons we will never forget this ceremony, one of the most beautiful we have ever witnessed!


A few months before, we photographed their engagement session, and it was incredible! Take a look at this session in Vila Nova de Cerveira, somewhat like a tourist stroll. It was a very enjoyable afternoon, and it became clear that the wedding would be epic!