Nestled in the enchanting heart of Portugal, Sintra has always been a place where fairy tales come to life. Its lush forests, historic castles, and stunning gardens make it a dream destination for lovers. Sarah, hailing from Syria, and Nuno, a native of Portugal, discovered the magic of this beautiful town and chose it as the backdrop for their unforgettable summer wedding at the Camellia Gardens.


Despite living in Dubai, Sarah and Nuno’s love story transcended geographical boundaries. Their journey led them to Sintra, a place where two worlds converged to create something truly special. The union of their diverse backgrounds added an extra layer of richness and beauty to their wedding day.


Under the warm embrace of the summer sun, Sarah and Nuno exchanged their vows in a ceremony filled with emotion and meaning. The Camellia Gardens, with its vibrant flora and picturesque surroundings, provided an idyllic setting for their love to bloom.


As their wedding photographers, we had the privilege of capturing every moment of Sarah and Nuno’s special day. And it was an honor to witness their love story and document it against the stunning backdrop of Sintra. We want to extend our gratitude to Sarah and Nuno for trusting us the task of preserving their memories. It’s because of couples like them, and places like Sintra, that remind us of the magic that unfolds when love and beauty intertwine. In Sintra, where nature’s wonders and human love stories collide, Sarah and Nuno’s wedding was a true testament to the power of love, unity, and the incredible work of all the professionals who made their day one for the ages.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this extraordinary journey. Here’s to Sarah and Nuno, a love that knows no bounds, and a day that will forever hold a special place in the heart of Sintra.


A successful wedding is the result of a collaborative effort, and because of that Sarah and Nuno’s celebration was no exception. From the captivating video footage that will preserve their memories forever, to the breathtaking floral arrangements that adorned their venue, the music that set the tone for the evening, and the beautifully designed stationery that added a personal touch, every professional involved played a pivotal role in making their day extraordinary.