We are elsa & Rui

Together, we make up a passionate duo dedicated to capturing extraordinary moments of love and life.

This adventure started in 2010, without really knowing where it would lead us. We never thought photography would be our profession until it became the center of our lives.

We look at each wedding in a unique and special way, so that each image has an associated emotion; that every moment we capture may be an important part of our bride and groom's lives.


We are known by our good vibes & easy smiles and the reason is simple: we do what we love!

Elsa is the inspiration; at the same time, intense and serene. She's always looking for beautiful things, vibrating with them, but never satisfied. She lives the now like no one else, not allowing yourself to be chained by plans, but rather thinking about what is best we can do in each moment.

She dreamed of being a journalist and graduated in Social Communication, but it was in photography that she found the best way to tell stories and preserve them. It became her way of communicating.

She never dreamed of being a wedding photographer until she realized that that was her dream. The destiny she would build for himself.

She was the little girl who went to see the brides at church and when the first machine fell into her hands, by chance, the world was never the same again.

Her ability to focus on the beautiful things in the world, the loving way she deals with everyone and the smile that lights up and embraces you are some of the characteristics that I love most about her. But there are many more.

Being able to share with her this adventure in photography, and in life, over these 14 years, has been the most challenging, passionate and extraordinary experience of my life.

Rui is the mentor of this project. It was from him that I learned everything I know about photography. His ability to learn about a topic that interests him still surprises me to this day!

In another life, he was a programmer and spent hours between lines of code, never imagining that one day he would be a photographer, let alone a wedding photographer. It was love that brought him into this world and in love he fell with the privilege of telling happy stories from special people.

He loves meeting new people. He has the friendliest smile in the room, he is attentive and charismatic, a keen sense of humor and it is impossible not to be happy around him.

He has a contagious optimism and always believes the best in people. With him, everything seems easy and simple, because he always makes everything lighter. He has the gift of the right words at the right time. Like a soul reader, he always knows how to tell us what we need to hear.

He's my favorite person and working together is the best thing in the world, even on the not so good days.

Having met him, more than 17 years ago, and having the privilege of sharing 24 hours a day with him, every day, is my lottery.