The Story

Hi, we are Elsa and Rui, and together, we make up a passionate duo dedicated to capturing extraordinary moments of love and life.

Thirteen years ago, we embarked on this journey of wedding photography, which has already allowed us to be part of over 300 love stories and countless engagement and family sessions. Photography is not just our job; it's a great passion.

Our project began as a pair, and now we are a family of five. Creating photographic memories is like building a legacy that, in the end, encapsulates our own story. Having three little explorers running around the house every day only makes us cherish the power of photography even more, freezing those special moments.

The Philosophy

We believe that each wedding, each engagement session, and every family gathering are unique opportunities to tell stories. We want to be the storytellers, the guardians of precious moments, the capturers of genuine emotions.

Whether under the radiant sun, in the gentle breeze, or amidst the unpredictable rain, we are here to capture authenticity, happiness, and love that fills life. We love meeting new people and sharing those special moments with you.

So, if you are looking for photographers who go beyond traditional poses, who tell your story in a unique and emotional way, look no further. We are excited to meet you and be a part of the next chapter of your adventure.