Newborn at home

How important is it to capture the first days or weeks of our child?

How important is it to photograph the micro-expressions of a baby who grows so fast?

How important is it to record a new family that is born, a family that grows in number of people and in love?

It is not a cliché. It is true. Time passes. Very fast! And we are made of memories and the people we carry with us. We are not made of houses, cars, and other material goods. We are made of memories!

And because reliving moments is almost like going back to them, newborn sessions genuinely record this new reality. When photographed at home, in an intimate and family setting, in a relaxed and spontaneous way, the memories are even more valuable. Because they reflect a baby and a family in their most real state, in their home, in their house.

Joana and Rui were our wedding clients in 2016, so it was even more special to photograph the pregnancy session and now the newborn session of sweet Pilar. Not even Gaspar wanted to miss this important moment, since he is part of the family. We love when pets join in on photo sessions. They are more than welcome!

Needless to say, we are fans of these newborn sessions at home! I cannot translate into words how special these moments are, each shot in the camera, each frozen moment. We feel each family as part of us and we are very proud to be able to contribute to their memories.

If you also like spontaneous and natural newborn photos, home sessions are for you. Everything happens at the baby's pace, without having to leave home. And the result could not be simpler or more beautiful.