Portugal is thus a country with wonderful landscapes, often not well known to the Portuguese themselves. We make our mea culpa here and admit that we didn't know this northern part of the country very well. When Maria and Francisco suggested photographing the engagement session in Vila Nova de Cerveira, the idea seemed fantastic to us! We always enjoy discovering new places, exploring different settings, and, most importantly, places that are significant to the couple.

We photographed them as we strolled along, without much planning, guided by the space, the light, and the intuition of the moment, which we always like to follow.

Along the way, they told us about their history and the story they wanted to create on their wedding day. Amid words and good conversation, the camera shots hardly made themselves felt.

And if the landscape is breathtaking, the same can be said for the final result of this engagement session. We are very grateful for the magic we believe we captured from Maria and Francisco.

Meanwhile, if you want to see how their wedding in Ponte de Lima went, in an outdoor religious ceremony filled with laughter and good spirits, and in a lively celebration with friends and family, just as they are, follow our invitation.